Jayanthi School

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Book Free Days

All Saturdays except the second saturday of each month shall be book free days used for extra curricular activities. School offers a plethora of extracurricular activities such as Karate, Yoga, Dance, Music, Silambam, Craftwork, Artwork, etc., shall be offered under the special cataegory on every saturday

Silence Hour

Jayanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School maintains a silence hour before the commencement of the assemble to instill in students the value of silence in all areas of the campus and inside the classroom. Students shall get themselves engaged in their routines without affecting the silence hour. Any form of behaviour affecting the silence shall deem stern action

Readers Badges

Students are awarded readership badges to encourage the use of library. A student taking up more than 10 books shall be awarded with a junior badge. Students who reach 30 books shall be awarded the super badge. Voracious readers who cross 60 books shall be awarded the covered masters readership badge.

Verbal Extra Weekanza

A fulfilled week of academic - cultural activities are exhibited in the first week of December (see calender). Students will reflect their studied academic portions through their hidden talents in a variety of individual events and team events.

Club Activities

Our school never restricts the boundaries of schooling to more books and carmming information. It widens the horizons of learning and educates the children in realizing the innate talents in them. The various clubs facilitate the students in achieving this end by conducting various activities and competitions to make the students aesthetically benefical to themselves. Each clib will have a president, secretary along with a teacher-in-charge as advisior. Club initiation will be held in the second week of July.

InterNet Access

Free internet connectivity through dedicated hot-lines is available to students at scheduled timing for academic purposes only.This is to encourage students who are intrested in developing their skills and get in touch with onground working proffessionals with respect to their subjects




News Paper

Each classroom is supplied with daily newspaper independently. Students are encouraged in the habit of physical paper reading inspite of all digital facilities provided to them.

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