Jayanthi School

Making Learn easy!

School Clubs

We are lucky to have a wealth of clubs after school for a whole range of activities. The following clubs currently meet every week:

  • Tamil Literary club - every Monday
  • English Literary club - every Tuesday
  • Maths Club - every Wednesday
  • Science Club - every Thrusday
  • Fine Arts Club - every Friday
  • Sports Club - every Saturday
  • Rotary Interact Club - every other Wednesday


House system

The school is divided into four houses to create healthy competition between students in studies, games, sports, cultural events etc.

Each class will have a chosen representative, who will elect pupils from class 9 to lead each house. The representatives shall report to the house leader on the performances of each house.

The best house is awarded a meritorious shield of their performance in academics and sports.

School Band

The school has a band tained to prefection under the guidance of a band master and a staff member.

1. Student from class 6 and above are eligible to take part in the school band.

2. Audition of students will be conducted in the thrid week of June.

3. Selection of students is purely under the purview of the band master.