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Welcome to Jayanthi Matriculaton Higher Secondary School. This site has been created to explain our school  system and functioning in detail. We take this opportunity to expose our strength in the field of quality education Being in the field of educationsince 2005, we are glad to continue with your support

If you are interested in our school please mail us at info@jayanthieducation.in

Chairman's Desk

“Everyone has dreams and without dedication it is like a body without soul.When such dreams turn into reality, it makes a mark on time. We need to be among those unique human beings who have left an indelible mark on the lives and minds of other people.” In addition to educational brilliance, the JAYANTHI School is dedicated to bring in strong moral values, honesty, civility, benevolence and reverence for elders in all its students. It provides a concerned environment to all its students pertinent for the young minds to be nurtured. It aims to develop intellectual students with great discipline, intense determination and passion to do extremely well which are the merits required to meet the challenges of the contemporary society. Lastly want to share another notion “Many are born on the earth’s surface but great are those with morality so be the best harvests of earth’s sweat & love, show the heaven that what are you made of ….”
“…The Character is the Backbone, Feeling is the Heart, Dedication is the Precision, Courage is the Will, Above all discipline is the Body, Then Knowledge is of Work…”

With Best Wishes

Mr. K. Krishnan, B.Sc.,